During the show, Kinetics presented the following new products: New White SPA by Kinetics. This line is the latest addition to the Kinetics skin care range and is expected to launch in June 2012. The White Spa concept features feather-light creams and scrubs which you literally don't feel on your skin, yet you feel the result. These products are currently in production and will reach you soon!

In addition to the White SPA products, Kinetics focused the spotlight on a few products from our family of polish and gel polish removers with the distinctive name of Lazy Lizard, as well as 12 new Shield summer colors and travel-size hand lotions in 4 fragrances.

All these products are launching soon and will reach salons before August 2012.

This show was supported by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.




    Contract No. L-ĀTA-12-0933

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