Iveta Krancmane


Throughout my professional career I have always been devoted to finance, that is why I am working as a Financial Director in this company. 

I have two Masters Degrees – one in Economics and the other in Business Management.
I started working with this company recently but since the very first day I knew it was never going to be boring here, which was one of the things that really attracted me to this company. The business is developing rapidly; I have to be one step ahead of everything that is happening and must be sure of making the right decisions in every kind of situation.
The team that is working with me are professional and very friendly which is very important for everyday life at work. Without the support from my colleagues it would be hard to achieve the goals we want to achieve.
I was familiar with Kinetics’ products before I started to work here and I have always been very satisfied with them. My favorite products are Kinetics White SPA.