About Us

Founded on the philosophy of creating fashionable nail cosmetics, Kinetics originated in 2000 as the project of two enthusiastic entrepreneurs, John Manzione and Andzejs Stencavs. Although it was started in the USA, the company soon moved its headquarters to Europe, where its products are manufactured today.

Over ten years of continuous improvement, Kinetics has developed a fashionable nail product line that is the most comprehensive on the market. Designed by and for professionals, every item in the Kinetics line reflects our two ambitious goals: impeccable quality and outstanding design.

Professional quality

Before reaching the market, every product passes intensive tests conducted by professional nail artists. Products are evaluated by a team of award-winning educators at nail competitions and in daily use at nail salons. These comprehensive tests guarantee the professional-grade quality of every Kinetics product.

Research for innovation

In order to keep control over our developments, we have invested heavily in our own R&D facilities and formed a team of young, ambitious chemists. Working side by side with nail professionals every day, they develop new formulas and constantly improve those already in existence. Thanks to the knowledge built by our R&D team, we can take pride in some of Kinetics’ most successful products, such as Kwik Kote, the White SPA line, and Perfumed Lotions.

Design Matters

We believe that beauty and design go hand in hand. We passionately believe that design matters. No product will ever leave our company that does not comply with our vision of perfect design. Our international team of talented designers spare no effort to make our product design outstanding and memorable. Our vision is to create emotions and share them with our customers and friends. We bear this in mind for every aspect of the product we create, from the product name to the finished packaging design.

As a professional beauty company, we believe that quality, innovation, and design make things different. Kinetics’ team of talented professionals will continue to make memorable, emotionally charged nail and beauty products. Around the world, we seek like-minded companies in order to build strong partnerships and spread our vision.


Professional quality


We are making professional products. Everything we create is designed for professionals. For us it means impeccable quality, approved by professional nail artists.

Research for innovation


We invest in own R&D facilities and talented, ambitious chemists. This is how we deal with our vision for more innovation and better products.

Design matters


We believe that beauty and design go hand in hand. We passionately believe that design matters. We strive for outstanding and memorable design. In every product.